ThembaCare Update: Letter from the Thembalitsha Board

With the increasing challenges faced in these very dynamic times, Thembalitsha Foundation leadership is in the process of consolidating operations to ensure maximum impact across our various projects.  Community needs, financial sustainability, leadership and staff capacity are all important factors in the decision-making process.  Most recently, the Board and executive leadership of Thembalitsha have consulted with ThembaCare Grabouw employees and a range of stakeholders, both local and international, to discuss the future of this project.  In discussions, it was clear that closure of the In-Patient Unit was inevitable due to shifting priorities and a lack of sufficient funding from the Department of Health.  A scaled-down home-based care only service was then considered, however, limitations in regard to staffing oversight and the identification of a duplication of services (another organisation is providing home-based care in the area)  have lead us to make the painful decision to c…

Mother's Day: 2-for-1 Giving

Every year at this time we think about our own mothers. What they mean to us. How we miss them if they’re living far away. Which of their characteristics we inherited and which of those home-cooked dishes were our favourites... if you’re like me, you wonder how they ever found the time and had the energy to do it all! 

These thoughts always bring such inspiration, nostalgia, and a sense of belonging. Motherhood is truly a special place… and mothers, a special group of inspiring ladies. Sitting in my office at Themba Training, I look at the mothers around me: working hard and diligently to support their families in a time where there is an increasing amount of uncertainty, filling in for other losses of income.

I look at the mothers around me and am inspired by their ability to use the very little they have to feed and clothe their families.

I look at the mothers around me and stand in awe that despite intensely difficult circumstances, they still have brave smiles on their faces, determi…

Holiday greetings and thanks.

Holiday greetings and thanks.

Depending on where in the world you are this holiday season, you may be reading this blog somewhere with near-freezing temperatures.  Alternatively, you could be patiently waiting for the electricity to kick on and offer some reprieve from an unforgivingly hot day. Depending on your location, some will spend Christmas at the beach.  Others, in a colder part of the world, will be huddled up somewhere cosy in an effort to escape the freezing temperatures.  
Some will have a braai to usher in the holidays while others will stuff a turkey or make a Christmas ham followed by pudding.  While each country has its own unique traditions, one common thing strings us together this holiday season-- gratitude.  
Thembalitsha Foundation could not let the year draw to an end without taking a moment to say thank you to everyone who helps make this giant dream of ours a reality.  Restoring hope takes a global village.  
To our donors and partners across the world-- know that …

"I love to write" Day


Literacy; opening doors and unlocking potential.

“International Literacy Day celebrated annually on 8 September, is an opportunity for Governments, civil society and stakeholders to highlight improvements in world literacy rates, and reflect on the world's remaining literacy challenges” - The United Nations.  At Graceland, literacy is something that is taken very seriously, we sat down with our wonderful Project Manager, Elizabeth to ask her to share some stories about the children at Graceland, and what literacy has unlocked in their lives. Here is what she had to say!  We are thankful to have a space to dream, think, learn and grow. Our library is our safe haven, where imaginations can run wild and free. It wasn't always this way, but thanks to the generous funding from Imperial Logistics in 2014, our children have a loft Library, something of which dreams are made of!  Before we had two old bookshelves in the teacher's office, but thanks to Imperial, we have a dedicated space to teach our children all about reading and …

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live...

On attending the Agape 2018 Graduation, we were met with a beautiful success story of Odwa Siwundla, a young girl that grew up in Asanda Village. 
Odwa had attended Agape from the age of 10 months old, enrolled in early 2012 and remained in the school, successfully completing her Grade R in 2017. Odwa was always a quiet child but seen as a confident leader by her peers. She did very well with all her school work, and as children do, she always loved to play. At Agape they strongly believe in the beauty of learning through play. A child’s ability to learn is shaped during the first six years of life through a holistic approach which emphasises the importance of the child’s physical, emotional and psychological well-being.
Today, she is in Grade 2 in Somerset House; a unique, well known private school in Somerset West. For some, this may seem normal, attending a school in a suburban area, but the sad reality of it is, people living in impoverished areas don’t attend “good suburban” school…